Scale Rentals / Used Scales

C&M Scale has been renting scale equipment since 1932. We specialize in portable truck scale rentals, axle weighers, crane scales, counting, and floor scales. Contact us today to review your specific requirements.

Truck Scales/Axle Weighers

Holtgreven LOADMASTER FT2-PV Portable Vehicle Scale

Our portable truck scales range from 25' to 70'. We can have your scale certified "legal for trade". If you're looking for a smaller footprint and easy mobility, check out our axle weighers. View Our Current Inventory

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Crane Scales

MSI-4260 Port-A-Weigh Crane Scale

We sell and rent light, medium, and heavy duty crane scales. Our crane scales are rented on a weekly basis and we can deliver and pick up to limit downtime.

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Counting Scales/Inventory Scales

Counting Scales

Our rental fleet of counting scales can assist you in your end of the year inventory. These scales can be used independently or integrated into one of our floor scales for increase capacity and sensitivity.

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Floor Scales

Rice Lake Weighing Systems RoughDeck Floor Scale

We have a large rental fleet of 4 x 4 floor scales. We will deliver, pick up and calibrate your rental floor scale on site.

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